Gloucester Foodbank

Last month a representative from Gloucester Foodbank visited the school to talk to the pupils regarding the great work that the food bank does.

As a school we always like to share with the pupils the importance of giving and helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves. Clearly, hunger is not just a problem in developing countries thousands of miles away. It is a fact that many people in our local areas are living on the edge of poverty - families, children, the elderly, the vulnerable. It can be a sudden unexpected event, such as a bereavement, illness or redundancy that can create a genuine crisis for families. This is when food banks can step in to help by providing people with the essentials at a time when they need them most, before other parts of our social infrastructure can come into play.

Having heard from the foodbank representative, about how the foodbank works, the school’s students’ council co-ordinated a food collection. The response was fantastic! Pupils donated 53kg of food including packet mash, fruit juice, tinned rice pudding, tinned custard, sugar, tinned fruit and veg, savoury rice packets, pasta and sauce packets, biscuits and much more.  Last week, a few of our Year 11 pupils visited the foodbank and also gave in our food donations.

Food Bank

Please do have a look at Gloucester Foodbank’s website if you would like to know more about the great work they are doing: May we take this opportunity to thank you for contributing to our foodbank project and for helping us help our local communities.

This project idea was initiated by our Year 8 pupils and we will be carrying on working with the foodbank. We will be sending out letters for our next Foodbank collection.