Intergenerational Dementia Project
KS3 - Term 3

The overall aim of this project is to work towards the development of dementia friendly communities. The project will raise a greater awareness of dementia and the challenges it brings. We aim to help pupils appreciate the importance and difficulties associated with caring for people with dementia by looking at the significance of dementia on an ageing population and the negative attitudes towards the condition.

Upon completion of this project, pupils from Years 10 and 11 will develop a lesson on dementia which they will deliver to other pupils. The opportunity to work together with various organisations in our community at this level and to present to others will be extremely beneficial to pupils' wider learning, presentations skills and confidence.

Not only does the project strive to achieve the above, but in doing so it will help pupils learn the underlying themes of acceptance, tolerance, empathy, and a greater understanding of diversity.

Scheme Overview

Lesson 1: Introduction - What is Dementia? (Lesson conducted by a Dementia Friends Champion)

Lesson 2: What is memory and why is it important? (Lesson conducted by volunteer from the 2gether NHS Foundation Trust)

Lesson 3: Carer's Perspective (external visitor)

Lesson 4: Challenging barriers and stigma of dementia in our community (Visit from external visitor)

Lesson 5: Looking at the environment and attitudinal barriers (Practical session at Skills Zone, Tuffley).

Lesson 6: Dementia information dissemination planning and prep (with 2gether NHS Foundations Trust).

We would like to thank GHLL, 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, the Friendship Cafe and all of our volunteers for sharing their experience and expertise to carry out this project.