Year 7 Visit to Gloucester Museum

Gloucester Through Ages

Date of Booking: 06/10/2015

Number of Children: 21

Venue: City Museum

Educational Session: Gloucester Through Ages

During our first term, in September, the girls will be considering the significance of history through time, along the concept of chronological events and interpretation of differing sources of information. The trip to the City Museum will enable the girls to relate this learning to the history of Gloucester and aims to inspire curiosity about the past.

Gloucester Museum

Gloucester has a wealth of history, being a key merchant town through the ages. The museum is housed in a fine Georgian building in the heart of the city and contains many items of national and international importance. It contains archaeological finds, fine and decorative arts and artefacts representing Gloucester's rich heritage. It recently had a Heritage Lottery-funded makeover and features a new interactive Roman kitchen and Medieval street. This will be superb for consolidating the girl's Roman history understanding and will build knowledge for our subsequent topic based in the Medieval times.

Gloucester Museum