Information For Pupils


Pastoral Care & Welfare Support

In order to create an outstanding climate for learning, it is important for us at AASG that our pupils feel happy, supported and cared for in order to achieve their best in the classroom.

We have therefore set a pastoral system in place which we believe will provide the support and guidance that students need to help and guide them through any issues that may be affecting their progress.

Our pastoral team is made up of both teaching and non-teaching staff. Each Year Group is assigned two Form Tutors who they meet on a weekly basis and it is to these members of staff who students will turn to initially if they have a problem. The students’ Form Tutor will stay with them as they progress through the school year, building a positive relationship. Form Tutors monitor homework diaries as well as discussing behaviour (both positive and negative) with the members of their form group.

As well as being assigned a Form Tutor, students in each year group are also supported by a designated Pastoral Care & Pupil Welfare Lead, a qualified Mental Health First Aider, and having recently undertaken Suicide Prevention Training, Sex and Relationship Education Training, and Emotional Resilience, Body Image and Self-Esteem Training through the GHLL, our designated Pastoral Lead is able to support students in a number of ways depending on the individual’s needs and difficulties. These can include providing emotional support, liaising between pupils and teachers and offering check-ins to discuss possible mental health trigger points. Working on a self-referral system as well as being referred to by Form Tutors, the Pastoral Lead holds a drop-in once a week during Tuesday lunchtimes within the school. She is readily available via email and appointments can also be made at other times.

Everything discussed during Pastoral Care meetings is completely confidential, meaning that information is not disclosed to staff, family members or other students. There are rare occasions when the Pastoral Lead may need to disclose confidential information to others; this is when there might be a threat of harm to a student or others.

Our school PSHE curriculum is also used to focus on developing pupils’ resilience to the threat of radicalisation and extremism, sexual grooming, internet safety, developing general self-esteem and confidence and ability to learn. Similarly, we use the curriculum to address many of the issues related to mental health. The school gives particular focus to issues impacting upon teenage girls which they are sometimes unwilling to speak up about. The PSHE lessons are also used to explore sensitive topics without making the discussion personal to particular pupils. The topics include sex and relationship education, self-harm, bereavement, anxiety and the expectations placed upon pupils. PSHE lessons encourage conversation and the sharing of different perspectives.

Additionally, our students may be mentored at various times during their school career in order for them to reach their potential; this may be by older students, their form tutor, or by business mentors, who give up their time to work with our students. As well as members of Al-Ashraf Secondary school staff, we also have support from external agencies whose staff are specialists in their field. Staff from the Integrated Team offer support to students who need extra support at a specific time in their school career; they also work with the students’ families if it is deemed necessary.

Our system of inclusive pastoral care has been carefully designed in order for us to know each pupil individually. The Al-Ashraf Secondary School team supports students and parents, to ensure each individual child is able to work to their full potential in a safe environment. If a student is experiencing any academic, personal or emotional difficulties, members of staff can offer guidance and support. Students are encouraged to take up this facility and parents are also encouraged to contact the team if they have any concerns as it is vital that a two way dialogue between school and home is maintained to ensure any issues students may have are successfully resolved.

Sabina Apa Ali is our Pastoral Care & Pupil Welfare Lead.

She is available via email: sali @

Alternatively, a dedicated 'Pastoral Care' box is available on the stairway's landing leading up to the first floor.

Please do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.


Upcoming and Past Assemblies

In addition to in-depth Islamic curriculum offered, the school considers the student's moral and spiritual development as an integral part of its overall aims and objectives.

Thus, assemblies are utilised to enhance a deeper understanding of Islam as a complete and perfect system of life chosen by Allah (SWT) for the entire humanity. A system that promises peace, happiness and success in this life as well as in the Hereafter and a way of life based on piety, virtue and Allah's consciousness and not on one’s colour, race or background.

Tolerance and respect for other faiths and cultures is emphasised consistently as this is an integral aspect of Islamic teaching. Dangers of radicalisation and extremism are also highlighted.

Emphasis on good character, good behaviour, politeness, respect for teachers, parents and elders, truthfulness etc, is continuously stressed during assemblies.

Assemblies are also used to promote Islamic culture & heritage, Islamic terms and the Hijri Calendar.

The noble lifestyle of Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam and the importance of emulating His way of life is regularly promoted.

The school is also committed to propmoting tolerance for other faiths and cultures and to this end, religious festivals of other faiths are also highlighted during the year.

Occasionally, PSHE topics, internet safety and careers assemblies are also conducted by guest speakers.


The girls are most fortunate that they are able to perform all salaat punctually, which fall during school hours. (Something very difficult in state schools!)

Facilities for wudhu are available and the students are carefully supervised and encouraged to improve the quality of this most important pillar of Islam by way of devotion, humility, correct recitation of surahs, tasbeehat, duaas etc, and correct performance of postures.

We are confident that this will, Insha-Allah, form the foundations of a lifelong habit of being punctual with their salaat; the foremost Islamic duty.

Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of schoolwork.

Homework encourages positive attitude to study, develops good working habits and consolidates work done in the classroom.

Parents are asked to support the pupil by providing good conditions in which their child can do the homework tasks, activities and help pupils to organise their work.

Pupils should be encouraged, by parents and staff to do well and raise standards.

Each student is issued with a homework timetable for work to be carried out at home, and a diary in which to record it. Parents should check their daughter’s Homework Diary each evening to ensure that she is completing her homework regularly and on time. At the end of each week they must sign the Homework Diary which will indicate to the teachers and Apaas that parents’ are actually playing an active role in monitoring their daughters’ Homework Timetable. At times teachers may also put a comment in a pupil’s Homework Diary which is for the parents attention, therefore regular monitoring is essential.

Special Needs

The school is unable to cater for the needs of statemented children due to the lack of facilities.

If a pupil has not been statemented but has difficulties in certain areas of the curriculum, it is very important that the parents inform the school before the pupil is admitted.

Information / Queries

Parents or visitors who would like to view the school or speak to any members of staff must make a prior appointment


The school provides pupils the opportunity to learn and benefit from both Secular and Islamic education, we therefore ask parents to support us by ensuring excellent levels of attendance and punctuality from their child.

Attendance and punctuality are monitored and action will be taken where there is concern.

Pupils are expected to:

  • Attend school punctually every day
  • Ensure parents complete Absence Forms punctually.
  • Report to the school office if unavoidably late or if you have to leave early.
  • Avoid making medical appointments i.e. dentist, optician etc.. during the school day if possible.

Code Of Conduct / Discipline

The school regards discipline as an important aspect of the pupils’ moral development. All pupils are expected to behave in a manner befitting to a Muslim.

Respect for the Staff and other pupils are a must and any misconduct will not be tolerated. While physical punishment is NOT used, the school will not hesitate in taking positive disciplinary measures in the event of a serious offence or recurring misconduct. Parents will be appropriately consulted and if the need arises suspension or expulsion will be enforced.

The girls are encouraged to appreciate and practice on ethics of Islamic teachings in dealing with others.

School Meals

The School provides freshly cooked, healthy meals on certain days. Pupils will be notified at least one day in advance of the menu. There is also a school tuck shop which opens at break and lunch times.


Staff are unable to administer medicines e.g. Paracetamol etc. If students suffer from any medical problem and require medicines during the school day e.g. inhalers, then parents must send the medication clearly labelled with their daughter’s name and year on them. These can be kept in the school office, in case of emergencies.

School must be notified of any medical conditions eg. Diabetes, epilepsy etc by both student’s parents and doctor.

Extra Curricular Activities / School Visits

Pupils may make visits outside school to enhance and extend work done in the classroom.

Parents will be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of certain school activities.


The school has a number of written policies which are available here.