Active Youth Program with Young Gloucestershire

Term 2 October/November 2020

As part of the Young Gloucestershire team we have been delivering a FREE fun and exciting Active Youth program to all students throughout the school.

The program’s aim to increase activity in young people in a fun way. The first session before half term was all about the girls getting to know our staff and just to have a bit of fun and talk about what games or activities they would like to participate in going forward. For this session the students joined us over at our bowling green, where the students took part in a round robin of activities including a trick shot challenge. The idea was to give the Girls an idea of fun active games and activities that they could do at home during half term with very little to no equipment, this was all done while dodging the worms which provided great entertainment for everyone! Over the last few weeks a member of the Active Youth team has been coming in for 1hour and half running activities around each year groups interest for example football, badminton, dodgeball, netball. Football and badminton have been the biggest hits over all. Each group has also identified a young leader, the young leaders role has been to work alongside the us in identifying personal targets, help set ups and then plan and run their own activity. Each of these students has completed a workbook which will be marked to gain an entry level certificate in sport with UK Youth.

Though out this we have seen the students grow in confidence and ability. During the year 7 badminton session each of the girls had been struggling to hit the shuttlecock, however by the end of the session everyone could serve over the badminton net! As staff we have really enjoyed getting to know the girls and watch them get involved in activity and just have fun. We hope they remember that sport and exercise is fun!

Posted: 24/11/2020

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