Year 7 - 9: Citizenship Day 2021

Friday 22nd October, Year 7 - 9

We have teamed up with the RAF for some exciting and fun PDT & STEM activities for Year 7-9 pupils for our annual Citizenship Day on Friday 22nd October.

Royal Air Force Community Engagement Team Activities

Personal Development Training (PDT) Including STEM PDT - Generally regarded as our signature activity, PDT involves practical exercises which aim to improve confidence, teamwork and leadership whilst having fun. We adopt an inclusive approach and find that all the participants learn something about their interactions with others and invariably take something positive away from the session.

PDT can be adapted to suit your establishment and students. The Engagement teams have an abundance of equipment at their disposal. Activities can involve anything from 60 minutes of complex problem solving to short sharp 5-minute challenges. The team can be booked all day with the same students or the session can be broken down in order to give more students the opportunity to experience the activities.

One major strength of PDT is that individuals are drawn out of their comfort zones and shown ways of stretching their abilities in a safe environment. Our STEM Ambassadors also deliver a range of activities utilising STEM Mta & LEGO equipment.

Key benefits of PDT include:

  • Inclusive approach with students learning about themselves and their inter-action with others
  • Practical exercises which improve teamwork, leadership and communication
  • Flexible activities (from 60-minute complex problem solving to 5-minute challenges)
  • We can work with all day with one group, or provide shorter sessions with more students
  • PDT requires a group size of approximately 10-25 students
  • PDT sessions can be flexible but usually run from 90 minutes – full day
  • We bring our own equipment and require minimal ‘life support’ on the day

Schedule for the day.

1030 – 1115 hrs – Whole Group Assembly Presentation
1115 – 1130 hrs – Break
1130 – 1230 hrs – PDT (First Group of 25)
1130 – 1230 hrs – STEM (Second Group of 25)
1230 – 1330 hrs – Lunch
1330 – 1430 hrs – PDT (Second Group of 25)
1330 – 1430 hrs - STEM (First Group of 25)

The PDT is Personal Development Training and will consist of 4 to 5 structured activities designed to encourage the students to co-operate, communicate and listen to each other so that they can successfully work as a team to achieve the shared objective.

Our MTa STEM activities will consist of 1 – 2 structured activities, again encouraging the students to work together and design a structure using problem solving, communication and teamwork skills. (For example – they may be tasked with building a Communications Tower with certain criteria being met or tasked to build a wheelbarrow to transport equipment).

Posted: 01/10/2021

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